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The Alianzas Launches, Partnering with the Roberto Clemente Family and Global Giant Consulting Group

[May 16, 2024] – Today marks the exciting launch of The Alianzas, a visionary consulting determined to redefine the connection between sports, brands, and audiences. Led by industry veteran Javier Castellano, The Alianzas believes in the transformative power of sports. They view sports as a cultural unifier, capable of igniting meaningful conversations and fostering a passion for shared values.

About The Alianzas Founder and CEO, Javier Castellano:

Javier Castellano is a marketer with a proven track record of driving audience growth and brand awareness. He boasts over 10 years of experience in the sports industry, leading global marketing initiatives for renowned organizations like Major League Baseball.

Javier’s passion for sports and his strategic marketing expertise are the driving force behind The Alianzas’ innovative approach. Elevating Brands and Fans Through SportsThe Alianzas offers a unique three-pronged approach to maximize brand impact and fan engagement:

  • Brand Ascension: Crafting authentic narratives that resonate with fans, transforming brands from sponsors into cultural icons.

  • Fan-Centric Strategies: Utilizing deep audience insights to curate targeted approaches that cultivate genuine connections between brands and sports fans.

  • Cultural Impact: Leveraging the unifying power of sports to spark critical conversations and positive social change.

Honoring Roberto Clemente’s Legacy

The Alianzas are honored to announce the family Roberto Clemente has chosen us as an agency on record. Roberto Clemente’s impact transcended the baseball field. He was a champion for social justice and a true humanitarian. The Alianzas is dedicated to working with the Clemente family to:

  • Enhance Roberto Clemente’s Brand: Elevate Roberto Clemente’s brand recognition and cultural significance.

  • Establish Meaningful Partnerships: Forge impactful partnerships that align with Roberto Clemente’s values.

  • Preserve a Legacy for Generations to Come: Ensure Roberto Clemente’s story continues to inspire future generations.

A Powerhouse Partnership

The Alianzas is thrilled to welcome Jacqueline Secaira Cotto and her firm, Global Giant Consulting Group, as a key business partner. Jacqueline brings over 25 years of experience in the sports and event production industry. Her strategy, concept development, and event production expertise makes her an invaluable asset to The Alianzas and the Roberto Clemente project. With Jacqueline’s leadership and Global Giant’s proven track record, The Alianzas is confident in creating impactful experiences that honor Roberto Clemente’s legacy and inspire positive change.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from The Alianzas and Global Giant! Together, they are revolutionizing the way brands connect with sports fans and drive positive change in the world.

For inquiries or partnership opportunities, please get in touch with hola@thealianzas.com.

Javier Castellano

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